I always hated having to decide the meaning of a poem when I was in high school. No one but the poet could know what the poet meant, we could only truly decide what the poem meant to us. I was always wrong.

My poetry is very close to my heart. I can tell you what I was thinking, or feeling, or doing, when I wrote each one. Perhaps one day, I’ll release a text-only edition of Echoes, with annotations on each poem, so there can be no questions about my intent.

If you’ve read Echoes, I would love to hear what some or all of my poems mean to you. In what way do my words speak to your heart?

But if you’re trying to tell others what I meant — please don’t speculate on what is very personal to me. Ask! If I didn’t want to hear from you, I wouldn’t have so many ways for people to find and contact me! I’ll even give you a contact box right on this post.

Thank you for understanding.

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Audio Book

Even though I don’t really like the way I sound on spoken recordings (singing = good, spoken. . . not so much!), I’ve been thinking about re-releasing¬†Echoes as an audio book. All the original poems + at least one bonus track.

Please comment and let me know if this is something that you would be interested in buying. I broached the idea awhile ago, and saw some interest, but thought I would check again.

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Writing Updates

I thought I’d share a quick update about what I’m working on now that the print edition of “Echoes” is complete (and for sale).

I have wanted to write historical fiction for a long time. After much discussion and plotting out possible ideas and timelines, I have decided to center my first novel around the American Civil War. It will also include time travel.

During my undergraduate years at Ferrum College, I was fortunate to take a semester-long course on the ACW from one of the most amazing men I have ever known, Col. Earl G. “Bud” Skeens. I hope that this will be a book that he would have enjoyed. I only wish I’d been able to bring the idea to fruition before he passed away several years ago. Right now, I’m primarily doing research. Luckily, our local library had a huge book sale, and I was able to purchase quite a number of excellent Civil War books for next to nothing!

I am also considering an audio book version of “Echoes” . This would allow customers to purchase the poetry at a reduced cost, but with the understanding that the artwork which accompanies the poetry would not be included in such a project. A few polls showed that people would love to hear audio excerpts from “Echoes”, leading me to believe that an audio book would be welcomed. I know that for myself, I always treasure the opportunity to hear poets read their own work, because I get so much more out of it when I hear their tone, and hear which words they emphasize, rather than just reading it to myself and wondering.

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